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Born in Pisa (Italy) in 1985, Marco begins classical studies in piano at the age of 8 and graduates at the Milan Conservatory ‘Giuseppe Verdi’ in 2006, under the supervision of Edda Ponti. From 2002 to 2010 he also studies composition with Giuliano Zosi, Giuseppe Colardo and Mario Garuti and jazz harmony and improvisation techniques with Marco Giambelli.

Between 1995 and 2006 he attends 22 national and international classical music contests (as soloist and in small ensembles) and takes part in many bands of different music genres (keyboards and synthesizers).

Piacenza Jazz Festival

In 2002 and 2004 Marco attends Siena Jazz Summer Workshops, 2-weeks long intensive workshops with italian jazz masters, such as Enrico Rava, Franco D’Andrea, Massimo Manzi and Stefano Battaglia. Enriched by those experiences, in 2006 he founds MLT, a jazz/fusion trio with Alessandro Rossi (drums and percussion) and Emanuele Garro (ac. and el. bass). Together they play in many theaters, concert halls and prestigious clubs in Milan and northern Italy, such as the Blue Note, Le Scimmie, Le Trattoir and the Puccini Hall.

The trio participates in the jazz contest Chicco Bettinardi of Piacenza Jazz Festival and makes it to finals, achieving special mentions for Best Arrangements and Best Musical Organization, with publications on the magazines Jazz It and Musica Jazz.

During the same year, a long-term collaboration with Malika Ayane begins – a very popular italian singer – under the supervision of Ferdinando Arnó and Caterina Caselli (SUGAR Label). The new ensemble achieves many goals over the following 3 years: they are invited by italian jazz legend Gaetano Liguori to play together at the Mantova Music Festival; along with guitarist Luca Colombo and cellist Giulia Monti, they play in three mainstream italian TV shows (once at Scalo 76 and twice at Quelli che il calcio…, presented by showgirl Simona Ventura); then they prepare for an appearance at the Sanremo Music Festival, the most important italian music show and singer showcase.

In April 2010 he takes an audition in Dublin for Berklee College of Music, where he gets accepted and wins a $14000 scholarship. In the same month MLT with various guest artists record a self-produced album, Digital Rain at Effettonote Studio in Milan. One of the original tunes – In the Nightfall, co-written with Simone Petracca – has been selected to being played in the jazz radio station Anima Jazz, directed by Bruno Pollacci.

After recording the album, Marco starts a collaboration with the Effettonote staff, working as a session man, arranger and transcriber for jingles and playing in live shows for the label’s featured artists.

In Spring 2011 he moves to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music, where he graduates (Summa Cum Laude for a 4-year program in 2½ years) with a Double Major in Film Scoring and Electronic Production & Design (Summer 2013). Here he has the opportunity to study Interactive Music and Game Audio Implementation with legends Michael Sweet (X-Box 360 Sonic Logo, Interface and Startup, Cartoon Network, CNN, Lego, HBO) and Ben Houge (Tom Clancy’s EndWar, Arcanum, Gabriel Knight 3, Leisure Suit Larry), as well as with Film Scoring veterans Richard Davis, Sheldon Mirowitz, Eric Reasoner and Claudio Ragazzi, electronic guru Dr. Richard Boulanger (BoulangerLabs, BT, The Audio Programming Book, The Csound Book) and piano wizard Steve Hunt (Allan Holdsworth, Stanley Clarke).

He moves to Seattle in Fall 2013 where he’s currently working as composer, arranger and sound designer for film, games and multimedia. He recently joined Whiskey N’ Rye, a roots-rock band with which he’s playing around the Seattle area and planning a tour on the west coast in Spring 2014.

Berklee Performance Center


  • 2013: Professional Diploma
    → Dual Major in Film Scoring and Electronic Production & Design (Summa Cum Laude for a 4-Year program completed in 2½ years), with a focus on Game Audio, Interactive Music & Implementation.


  • 2006: First Level Academic Diploma in Piano Performance (Triennium)
    → US equivalent of a Bachelor’s Degree
  • 2008: 5th Year Diploma in Composition
  • 2010: Further study in Composition
    → Attended until 7th year out of 9
  • 2009: License of Score Reading
    → Completion of a 9-year Composition-related program
  • 1997: Licence of Theory, Solfege and Music Dictation
    → A 3-year program equivalent to Ear Training (Final Score: 10/10 Summa Cum Laude)
  • 2004: High School Diploma
    → High School Diploma awarded by a conservatory of music, from a combined university-preparatory and music specialty high school program


  • 2002/2004: Siena Jazz Summer Workshops (Siena, Italy)
    → 2-weeks long intensive workshops with italian jazz masters, such as Enrico Rava, Paolino Dalla Porta, Massimo Manzi and Stefano Battaglia
  • 2003-2004: Private Lessons – Jazz Piano (Milan, Italy)
    → Jazz Harmony and Improvisation Techniques


  • 2014-Present: Escape Fuel Studios (Seattle, WA)
    → Composer for Commander Kamala Lays Down the Law
  • 2014-Present: Whiskey N’ Rye (Seattle, WA)
    → Keyboardist and Arranger
  • 2014-Present: Ransom & The Subset (Seattle, WA)
    → Keyboardist and Arranger
  • 2014-Present: New Model Records (Seattle, WA)
    → Keyboardist, Arranger, Transcriber, Producer
  • 2015: Fretlight (Reno, NV)
    → MIDI Tech
  • 2014: Seattle Latino Film Festival (Seattle, WA)
    → Trailer Composer
  • 2014: Escape Fuel Studios (Seattle, WA)
    → Composer for Star Rangers: Wings of Justice
  • 2013-2014: Diana Canzi (Los Angeles, CA)
    → Composer for ORIGINS
  • 2013-Present: Women of the World (Boston, MA)
    → Transcriber for different projects
  • 2013: Gabriele Roberto (Tokyo, Japan)
    → Transcriber and Score Preparation for Sanada
  • 2013: Richard Salter (Boston, MA)
    → Arranger and Performer for original songs
  • 2013: Marco Napolitano (Italy)
    → Arranger and Transcriber for several songs
  • 2012-2013: Engagement Game Lab (Boston, MA)
    → Sound Designer for Civic Seed, an educational game developed by members of the Emerson College, in collaboration with Tufts University
  • 2013: MaidenItaly (Boston, MA)
    → Transcriber for several songs
  • 2012-2013: CSL Boston Teaching Chapter (Boston, MA)
    → Music Director and Pianist
  • 2011-2013: Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA)
    → Piano Accompanist for the Voice Department
  • 2012-2013: Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA)
    → Piano Practice Facility Monitor
  • 2011: Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA)
    → Auditions & Interview Assistant
  • 2010: Effettonote Studios (Milan, Italy)
    → Session Man (Piano), Arranger, Orchestrator, Transcriber for Jingles, Recordings and Soundtracks
  • 2006-2009: Quiet Please! Studios (Milan, Italy)
    → Pianist/Keyboardist for Malika Ayane – a popular italian singer – for SUGAR Label (Caterina Caselli) under the supervision of Ferdinando Arnó
  • 2009: RAI (Italian Tv Channel) (Milan, Italy)
    → Various appearences with Malika Ayane and MLT (my own trio) in the TV shows “Quelli che il calcio …” and “Scalo 76”
  • 2009-2010: ‘Accademia della Musica’ School of Music (Monza, Italy)
    → Music Teacher (Piano, Ear Training, Solfege)
  • 2005-2010: Milan Area (Italy)
    → Several experiences as Music Educator (Piano, Ear Training, Arranging, Harmony) for students of age between 5 and 60
  • 2004-2005: Sheraton Hotels (Milan, Italy)
    → Solo Piano Player in association with La Ducale Management (Pop, Jazz, Classical)


  • Composition, Production and Performance (Piano) in several different styles and genres
  • Uncommon Music Transcription Skills
  • Orchestration and accurate MIDI Mockup expertise
  • Extensive Sound Design, Foley, Field Recording and ADRs experience
  • Excellent Sight-Reading Skills
  • Conducting experience with Chamber Orchestras, Small Ensembles, Concert and Big Bands
  • Proficiency in Mixing and Mastering


  • DAW: Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Ableton Live, Logic, Cubase, Reason, Sonar, Fruity Loops, Garageband
  • Audio Middlewares: Wwise, FMOD
  • Audio Programming: Max/MSP/Jitter (+ Max 4 Live), Csound (+ Csound 4 Live), Native Instruments Reaktor
  • Modtrackers: Renoise, MilkyTracker, Schism et simila
  • Notation: Sibelius, Finale
  • Extensive Knowledge about Synthesis
  • Broad Experience in Studio Recording

Computer Knowledge

  • Basic knowledge of Unity 3D game engine
  • OS: Mac, Windows
  • Microsoft Office
  • Video Editing: Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, iMovie
  • Image Editing: Adobe Photoshop, GIMP
  • Basic HTML + WordPress (I’ve built this website!)

Known Languages

  • English
  • Italian (native)
  • Japanese (work in progress)


  • Strong attention to details
  • Understanding of game design concepts and development process
  • Great teamwork skill and ability to work within a highly collaborative environment
  • Insane passion for games/film music and active involvement in both communities


  • Winner of the 8-bit History Game Jam (Seattle, 2015)
  • Rank #44 in the Audio Category (out of almost 3000 entries worldwide) at Ludum Dare 32
  • Participation to 22 national and international classical music contest, earning 11 first, 5 second and 6 third prizes
  • Finalist at Piacenza Jazz Music Festival (Italy) with my trio MLT, with special mention for “Best Original Arrangements and Music Organization”
  • Participation to 22 national and international classical music contest, earning 11 first, 5 second and 6 third prizes
  • First Place in the Metal section at BresciaOnline music contest with the band Lux Aeterna
  • Three performances at the renowned Berklee Performance Center (Piano, Keyboards and Sound Design), one of which for the annual Contemporary Writing and Production department concert, coordinated by Andrea Pejrolo and Dave Howard (2013)
  • Several Gigs in prestigious venues, such as the Centurylink Stadium, the Crocodile and the Triple Door (Seattle), the Blue Note, the Giuseppe Verdi Hall and Le Scimmie (Milan) and the Torch Club (Sacramento)
  • Recording of an album with the trio MLT (genre: Jazz/Fusion/Cinematic)


Here you can download my up-to-date Resume, with all the information found in this section:

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Marco is fast and accurate, the kind of assistant that any composer could wish for.
He’s been a great help for me and we will definitely collaborate again.

Gabriele Roberto – Multi-Award-Winning Composer



These are my main services. Please feel free to use the form in the contact section if you have any questions or special requests.


Provision of high standard composition for games, film and other media, with an awareness for current and past trends in the music industry.


Preparation of audio assets for games/apps and integration in an interactive environment through audio middlewares such as Wwise and FMOD.

Sound Design

Creation of high quality sound effects, foley and creative sound design with consistent attention to clarity and quality.



Accurate audio-to-score translation of any piece of music, from jazz solos to orchestral works, from barbershop quartets to math metal riffs.


Arrangement for solo instruments or for a large variety of instrumental groups with the implementation of many different styles and genres.


Rich orchestral writing and professional sounding mockups with a clear understanding of the ensemble’s sonic and physical capability.


Publishing-level music engraving for any kind of genre and ensemble – from lead sheet to full orchestra score – with maniacal attention for detail.


Access to high quality gear, sample libraries and software to achieve the best sound possible, with realistic emulation of acoustic environments.

Fast Delivery

I know how important deadlines are: no matter what, I will always deliver on time without compromising the quality of the job.


Efficient, reliable, and a total Pro!

Women Of The World, LLC



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We found Marco to be a huge and powerful asset to our organization.
His musical support was immeasurable!

George Stewart & Ed Tanzi - CSL Boston Teaching Chapter


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